Tipping in restaurants, did you know that you may be doing it wrong?

Tipping. Where did that crazy custom come from and why do we do it?  

            Chances are, when you go out to eat, you let the various “hospitalitarians” that are a part of that experience serve you first.  Then of course you leave a gracious (or not so gracious) little extra in appreciation for those services rendered.  In other words, you leave a tip to say “hey, thanks.”


Welcome to the First Timer’s Guide to Tipping.  

            The art of “Tipping” actually started back in the 16th century as the verb tip meaning “to give unexpectedly.”  TIP has also been referred to as an acronym meaning, “To Insure Promptness.”  Which would be great, except for the fact that “insure” is actually “ensure,” and so if we are to believe this, we would be in gross grammatical error . . . Which works for me, why? 

            I like to think that I am going to get better service if I give a server a $100 dollar bill before the meal than after.  Crazy I know.  

            What can I say?  After serving a few people over the last few years, I personally am more apt to give special and closer attention to someone who ponies-up-the-dough beforehand (because I know how much the service is worth to them) than if I have to guess (and possibly be disappointed after giving stellar service and receiving less than adequate compensation).

            So whether you choose “to insure promptness,” or “to give unexpectedly,” (and stick with the standard), don’t worry, because no matter what you decide . . . You’re right.                  

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