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Meat Temperature Cooking Chart

“Meat Temperature Cooking Chart“ The best, most accurate way of cooking meat is by measuring the internal temperature with a meat probe and then correlating the temperatures from the meat temperature cooking chart to what your desired result is.  But its also very important to get the right grade of meat as well as the…

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Cooking Steak

“Cooking Steak”   Looking for tips on cooking steak huh?  I don’t blame you, I mean what’s not to love about the sizzle of the grill, the smell of smoky charcoal and wood, the occasional flame-up of fat dropping down into the hot embers, the taste of that moist tender meat melting in your mouth.…

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Burnt outside, Raw inside

I made Halibut yesterday and it was sooo gross.  It was weird, the outside started cooking way to fast (and) almost burned but the inside was still raw. Uhggggg… Any tips? Jerica, UT The First Timers Guide to Evenly Cooking Meat Man, if I had a dime for everytime I got this question . .…

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How to cook Sea Bass

“How to Cook Sea Bass” A few months ago you said in one of your posts that if we had question you would be happy to answer them. . . I need to know how to cook sea bass.  When I cook fish it doesn’t come out very good, whats a good way to cook…

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Chicken Breading

“Chicken Breading” Breading items protects them against harsh cooking methods like frying.  One common example is chicken breading.  By putting a protective coating on our food we make it so the interior item can stay moist and not get too beat up.  It also adds a unique flavor and texture to the item(s) as well.   Next time…

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