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Dutch Oven 2011

Another year, another IDOS Cast Iron Chef’s challenge. Each year that each chef is a part of the challenge, Camp Chef donates a gift for each of us.  This year we recieved a 10 inch dutch oven . . . Thank You Camp Chef!  Much like the “Iron Chef’s” challenges we were given secret ingredients, this year: Coconut Rum, Nutella…

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Cooking Classes

We have been working hard to put the finishing touches on the Cooking Classes called the Fine Art of Cooking Series offered through Orson Gygi in Salt Lake City, Utah. This series goes through the entire First Timer’s Cookbook expounding on the principles and techniques and giving more detailed information as well as giving students hands on practice…

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Salt, The First Timer's Guide

“Salt” This common household ingredient has always been a major part of human lives. It went from actually being used as currency (it is actually the root word for the current term “salary,” derived from back when Roman soldiers were paid in salt) to now being sold inexpensively on the bottom of most supermarket shelves. As human…

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What are For-Profit Culinary Schools really about?

What are most for-profit culinary schools really about? Have you ever been to one?  Have you ever recieved a call from a recruiter asking you to take a tour so you can “check out your options?” Chances are, if you or anyone you know is thinking about going to Culinary School. . . You need to read…

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Cooking Ham

“Cooking Ham” Cooking ham is one of the best dishes to things to do during the holidays when someone asks you what dishes you would like to do to contribute.  Not only does it take a lot less time than most festive culinary delights, it is basically fool proof.  Plus, in most cases, it costs…

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