Here’s to a couple of great guys . . .

The one sitting in the middle next to me is Chef Dave Prows, my mentor and a great friend.  I learned how to cook, how to live a fulfilling-balanced life and how to succeed in the crazy foodservice business from Dave.

The chef just to the left of Dave is Frank Krause.  You can see Chef Krause almost monthly on various local cooking shows around the Salt Lake area.  He is the director of the culinary program at the Art Institute and has become another mentor and friend of mine.  I have learned to be a better teacher from Chef Krause.

It just goes to show, that you can learn something everyday, from anyone.

Here’s to the mentors and friends in our lives that make us who we are!

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Warren Bobrow said,

September 28, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

Shawn: I’m impressed. You guys seem like you really are interested in the culture of food through learning, not just cranking out meals- one after another. I’ve done that in the Hotel biz, no fun, no soul! Your point regarding learning something from anyone everyday resonates with me. As a Food Journalist and Contributing Editor for the Wild River Review, I meet people every day through my stomach and inner eye.
Your story is inspirational for me and I wish to thank you for the enlightenment. Cheers! Warren Bobrow

Jeremy Johnson said,

September 29, 2009 @ 2:44 am

Yeah Dave was a great mentor and so were you Shawn. I learned a lot from you. I would really like to know what this first timer business is and what you are doing.

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