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Low Fat Muffins

 “Low Fat Muffins”

Muffins?  Let’s make some Low fat muffins that taste better than the alternative-full fat-muffins shall we?

Click here for the Recipe for the best Blueberry Low fat Muffins!

A classic family favorite, but why not make them good for you by making low fat muffins that are tasty too!lowfat muffins

To make low fat muffins, you will need to understand a little about them.  First off, they are sometimes made a lot like cake.  The batter has a very similar consistency and flavor to that of cake.  To achieve thse low fat muffins you must understand the ingredients that go into the batter and how they work together.


Flour – When making low fat versions you will use the same type of flour that you would use when making the regular versions.  Usually this is all purpose flour, or if you’re making them more of a light cake-like consistency you would use cake flour.  Both of these flours have a higher content of protein, which allows more gluten to form when liquid is added to it.  Gluten is the structure that helps the low fat muffins to rise and hold their shape when they bake.  The hard part of making regular muffins is that liquid and mixing help the development of gluten, so making muffins is actually tougher than some other baked items.

Liquid – Water, Milk, Buttermilk and other liquids.

Baking Soda and Baking Powder – These are both chemical leaveners that create carbon dioxide when mixed with an acid and liquid.  Baking soda is activated with just an acid and liquid, whereas baking powder is usually called double acting since it activates with liquid and then heat.  So when you add these ingredients to your low fat muffins its important to know these things.

Sweeteners – Usually regular granulated sugar is used in normal muffins, but in our low fat muffins we usually use an alternative sweetener like agave sugar (Xagave is the best brand, buy it at and use the promo code BUCHER for a 20% discount), Splenda or other low calories sweeteners.

Butter, Shortening or other fats – Fats tenderize the baked products as well as adding that buttery/fatty mouth feel.

Eggs – Eggs act very much like the gluten and the baking soda/baking powder, helps give structure and lift to your low fat muffins.

Vanilla, Salt, Fruits (dry, fresh or frozen) and other flavorings – Different flavors and textures are a big part of low fat muffins, that’s why this is what really differentiates low fat muffins from one another.  Be sure to add quality ingredients to get a qulaity end result.

When you make your low fat muffins there is nothing wrong with enjoying the full flavored, full fat version.  But now you know how you can make and enjoy your calorie cutting low fat muffins as well.

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