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Lemonade Recipes


“Lemonade Recipes”

Summer time!  There really is nothing like hot summer days and warm summer nights.  BBQs and campouts, picnics and water fights, everything fun usually centers around summertime.  The pinnacle of summer is of course right in the middle of it . . . The 4th of July.

The birthday of our nation is almost always centered around and celebrated with BBQs, parades and fire work displays.  A staple of these get-togethers is ice cold drinks, in particular Lemonade recipes. 

There are many different opinions for who came up with first version of lemonade recipes, but there are definitely more than just a few versions of the sweet and sour icy cold refresher.  One of the most popular versions and my favorite version is good old southern style lemonade recipes, characterized by the honey used to sweeten them.  Maybe you’re unfamiliar with these versions, or maybe it’s been awhile since you had one . . . So the question is, do you want to try it?

Southern Style Lemonade recipes**

(Mildly Sweet Version)*Honey

Yield: Approximately 1 Gallon


1 Gal                Water

1 Cup               Sugar

½ Cup              Lemon Juice

¼ Cup              Honey


Mix all ingredients together and stir until mixture is consistent throughout.

*For a much sweeter version add 2 cups off sugar instead of one and 1/2 cup of honey instead of 1/4 cup.

**For Regular style lemonade recipes and not Southern Style Lemonade recipes, simply use 2 cups of sugar and omit the honey completely.

Strawberry LemonadeOf course there are many other versions of Lemonade recipes, most of which have become more and more popular on restaurant menus and in bars.  Like for example the Strawberry Lemonade recipes which can be made by simply adding whole strawberries, sliced strawberries, strawberry puree, strawberry flavored syrup or any combinations of these as well.  The whole strawberries or slices are more for look and texture and the strawberry puree and syrup are more for actual flavor (the syrup being the popular choice for restaurants).  Of course this works with other lemonade recipes using fruits like raspberries or peaches, or again any combination.  

Maybe fruit isn’t your style, and you want a more grown up taste. Try adding some fresh herbs.  Basil, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme all go well with these lemonade recipes and add a truly unique spin on a classic!  Simply drop a leaf or stem or two into each glass and stir, then let that flavor infuse for 2 to 3 minutes and you got your self a winner!  

Xagave bottleNow what if you would like the lemonade recipes but don’t like all that sugar and sweetner?  Simply use the best all-natural sugar substitute on the market today-agave sugar!  It’s natural and better for you because it has less calories and won’t spike insulin levels, so your diabetic friends can enjoy it as well without worries.  The brand that I like is Xagave (pronounced za-gav-ae).  Why?  Because unlike most agave nectars on the market today, it’s not cooked so it doesn’t have the burnt sugar/honey taste that most agave nectars do, has fiber in it and is easier to digest.  All the benefits of regular agave nectar, without any of the negatives.Xagave Packets

So when I’m making lemonade recipes at home, I like to use the Xagave product to sweeten it up.  It tastes almost identical without about half the calories of the traditional lemonade recipes.  Plus, it comes in individual packets so I can make single glasses of lemonade recipes if I want to.

Check it out at . . If you like it you can even save 20% on your order by entering the promo code “BUCHER”

To make your lemonade recipes with Xagave, simply replace the 1 cup of Sugar with 2/3 cup of Xagave.  Yep, that simple.

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So this Fourth of July we invite you to join with your families, friends and neighbors all to mark the occasion of not only making some lemonade recipes but also to the founding of our country and overall summer fun.

So make yourself some lemonade recipes and raise a glass to the 4th of July and summertime!

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