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Learning to Cook Online

Learning to cook online

Caprese SaladLearning to cook online is probably the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to learning how to cook.  Learning to cook online affords you the ability to learn at your own pace, in your own time and allows you the freedom of going at your pace, as fast or as slow as you need!

Learning to cook online-what are the options?

Chances are that you may have wanted to learn how to cook for a while now.  You may have even looked into learning to cook online before and found what most people find when they start looking into learning to cook online. . . Nothing. . . Or at least not a lot.

The options for learning to cook online have usually been limited to things like downloading an ebook with titles like “Learning to cook online” or “Learn to cook at home!”

Other options to learning to cook online included a web page or two titled “learning to cook online” with links to other web pages with recipes and a few how-to guides.

When you’re learning to cook, whether you’re learning to cook online or at a kitchen store cooking class, or even in your own home or with a private instructor-you need someone to guide you!  You need to understand the principles of cooking and the techniques behind making your favorite dishes.  That what this course in learning to cook online is designed to do, give you the techniques and to help you understand the principles behind cooking so that you can customize or create recipes to you and you’re family’s specific likes. Learning to cook online

Finally a better option to learning to cook online!Whole Roasted Chicken

So let’s talk about getting started with learning to cook online.  This program is designed to help you learn how to cook, not just what to cook.  You will learn the principles and techniques behind cooking (used daily by professional chefs and food service professionals when creating or customizing their dishes), because by learning to cook online you will want to understand what you’re doing rather than just blindly following recipes.

In this learning to cook online program you will be guided through video tutorials with information that will help you understand how to cook, not just what to cook.   You will also be given basic recipes that will help you to practice what you learning to cook online program has taught you.  These recipes have been tested and will act as a starting point for you to be able to adjust them as you see fit for your own personal taste.

Just think, with learning to cook online in just 6 months you will be cooking like a pro!  Soups and sauces from scratch, learning to cut up a chicken, properly steaming vegetables, braising meat. . . It’s all here in the learning to cook online with The First Timers Books & DVDir?t=httpwwwfirs09 20&l=ur2&o=1 - Learning to Cook Online! Le


Get started Learning to cook online!

The First Timer’s Cookbook!  Start learning to cook online!

arning to cook online


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About the author, Shawn

Chef Shawn has worked in almost every segment of the foodservice industry. He holds business degrees and certificates in Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Accounting and Professional Sales. He is Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and a Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) through The American Culinary Federation. A Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) through the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He is the author of The First Timer’s Cookbook and The First Timer’s Bakebook. His work has been recognized nationwide as well as being a regular contributor to numerous food service publications and outlets and is the recipient of numerous awards-most recently the 2015 Culinary Educator of the Year through the local American Culinary Federation’s chapter-Beehive State Chef’s Association.

He the owner of multiple food service businesses and currently the host of the Business Chef Podcast.

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