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            I have a child that is allergic to eggs, milk, soy, etc. So I use replacement recipes a lot.  When I’m using egg replacers all the information says “choose your replacer based on whether the egg is acting as an emulsifyer, binding agent, or leavening agent.”  How am I supposed to know?  Also, which replacers are for which things?  Here are my (three) replacer recipes:

1.     1 tsp. baking powder, 1 T. liquid, 1 T. vinegar

2.     1 tsp. yeast dissolved in 1/4 cup warm water

3.     1 packet gelatin, 2 T. warm water. Do not mix until ready to use.

  Tiffany, UT


First Timers Guide to Using Eggs in Recipes

Eggs have a lot of different uses.  Namely, as an emulsifier, a binding agent, a leavening agent and not to mention just plain old eggs that you cook and eat.  Now, I’m sure that most of you are thinking, what is an emulsifier, binding agent or leavening agent?  Well, let me explain.

An emulsifier would be when you use eggs to make Mayonnaise, salad dressings or Hollandaise sauce.  It thickens and binds the oil or butter together.

The binding agent would be when you use it in something like meatloaf.  You mix eggs in with the meat to make everything stick or bind together.

Leavening agent is used when you want something to rise.  Soufflés would be good example of this (or any other dish you would add say whipped eggs whites into).

So to answer the question with your replacements, #1 would be an emulsifier, #2 would be a leavening agent, and #3 would be a binding agent.     

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Chef Rachel said,

April 29, 2010 @ 2:18 pm

Great tips. Many of my cooking students and clients have kids with egg allergies and they want to know how to replace eggs in recipes. I am familiar with many alternatives, including those you listed above; however, I really like the way you explained it so simply. I had not thought to offer your option #1 (meaning I hadn’t included the vinegar when doing that, but I’ve used vinegar in some baked goods to add height along w/the leavening).

Your book sounds like a great resource for those who are intimidated about cooking because they lack experience.

I look forward to reading and reviewing your book.

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