Dutch Oven 2011

Another year, another IDOS Cast Iron Chef’s challenge.

Each year that each chef is a part of the challenge, Camp Chef donates a gift for each of us.  This year we recieved a 10 inch dutch oven . . . Thank You Camp Chef

Much like the “Iron Chef’s” challenges we were given secret ingredients, this year: Coconut Rum, Nutella and Cinnamon Gummy Bears.  We had to put one of each of the secret ingredients into each of the three dishes: the dessert, bread and Entree, all cooked in a dutch oven.

We also had a mystery protein, which just happened to be Rabbit this year.



Nutella Cheesecake with White Chocolate Ganache

This was a great start to the competition.  This dish took first place in the Dessert category.



Coconut Rum Biscuits

This dish did well also, tying for second place.

Want to try them out? Download The Recipe!

Coconut Rum Biscuits



Braised Cinnamon Bear Rabbit Paella with Barley

This was the blacksheep of the bunch.  Cinnamon bears made the dish way too sweet and I admittedly braised the Rabbit just a little too long.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it did not stay on the bone and just did not work up to its potential. 



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