Cheese, please!!!

Ever wonder how they make cheese?

Well, in a nutshell . . . They use alot of milk.  They heat it, age it, cut it (no pun intended) wrap it, ship it, sell it and then you serve it.

Not specific enough for you?  Well then you’ll have to google “how to make cheese,” or visit a factory like the Tillamook cheese factory in Tillamook Oregon (like I did) for all the specifics.


Tips on Cheese

Cheese can served as a main item (Cheese and Crackers) or it also goes great as a compliment (Cheeseburgers).  Some cheeses are sweet and can be served as a dessert item, while others are more savory and creamy and go well as appetizers or in soups. 

There are thousands of different cheeses out there.  Some are made from cow’s milk, goats milk, sheep’s milk, even Buffalo milk.

For some great recipes, tips and to see the different kinds of cheese, check out   

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Ashley Hawkes said,

October 5, 2008 @ 9:40 pm

AWWW I LOVE TILLAMOOK CHEESE. It has been so depressing to not have it out here in the midwest. I went to that factory when I was in Junior High and ate some icecream. That are of Oregon is one of my most favorite places to see! It was all so beautiful. Eat some extra cheese for me from there next time you go!


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