Camp Chef

I am a fan of the out doors, especially when the out doors look like this.

(Now before you even ask let me explain; The blue booties are because it was a nice house, and I didn’t want to hurt the floors.) 

Thank You Camp Chef

Working in the foodservice industry can be hard. Long hours, hot and sometimes hostile kitchens, disgruntled guests, etc.  But what makes it all worth it is when someone says “good job, ” or “thank you.”  Today I would like to say both to our friends at Camp Chef. 

Anyone who has ever cooked outdoors has probably heard of Camp Chef products.  They are heavy-duty, beautiful and just all around quality products.

Recently I was invited to attend a dutch oven cook-off sponsored by Camp Chef.  Just for participating, look at what they gave us as competitors . . .

If there is one things that I have learned, its that you need to be thankful for things.  So a big THANK YOU goes out to our friends at Camp Chef, who truly know what this industry is all about-service.

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