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Homemade Butter Recipe

Butter 1024x675 - Homemade Butter Recipe

“Homemade Butter Recipe” Want a good homemade butter recipe?  Here is a good way to start making your own butter. When making your own homemade butter recipe, keep a few things in mind. #1 – Go with “Pasturerized” not “Ultra-Pasturized” heavy cream for your homemade butter recipe. #2 – When you have whipped it for a long…

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How to make Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup 683x1024 - How to make Corn Syrup

“How to make Corn Syrup” When Learning how to make corn syrup, keep in mind that learning how to make corn syrup will only peak your interest in learning how to do more things thatn just learning how to make corn syrup . . . For example, why not learn how to make your own…

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How to make Caramel in a can

“How to Make Caramel in a Can” Want to learn how to make caramel in a can?  Simply put, to make caramel in a can, you simply cook the can full of sweetened condensed milk.   Some might tell you that it is dangerous learning how to make caramel in a can, but once you…

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Chcolate Chip Cocoreos

Chocolate Chip Cocoreos                                                                            Serving Size: 1 dozen Large or 2 dozen Medium                                                                                                        Volume                  Ingredient 2½   cups               All Purpose Flour 1      teaspoon       Baking Soda 1      teaspoon       Salt 1½     cup               Shredded Coconut 2      sticks             Unsalted Butter (melted) 1      cup                 Granulated Sugar 1      cup                 Light Brown Sugar (packed) 2      each               Large Eggs   1      teaspoon       Vanilla 1     …

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