As the summer draws to a close. . .

One things is for sure, I love summer time.  Fruits and vegetables are in their prime and out-door cookouts are abundant.  Excuse me while I break into song. . .These are a few of my favorite things!

One such event that I failed to document this summer was (and is) the past time known out west as the “Cowboy Cookout.”  There is nothing like a group of (generally older) folks breaking out the dutch ovens and getting together to celebrate food.


Let’s not down play the fall season, because I do love the squash . . .

And the Apples . . . (and everything that comes with them: Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, Stuffed Apples)


But there is nothing like warm weather, incredible food, dining out doors and everything else that comes with what seems are the shortest few months of the year. . .

Until next time summer, adieu.

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